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Lost Car Key Strands Young Couple 40 miles from Home .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Metal Detector to the Rescue

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**** Alexio had put his single car key in the pocket of his pants. After taking a swim in the ocean he put his clothes on he believed the key fell out of the pocket into the sand. He and his girl friend, Malle were at Newport Beach and they live more than 40 miles away. It was starting the get cold and dark which hampered their attempts to find the key. 

Malle got out her cellphone google searching howWe to find a key in the sand. TheRingFinders website came up giving her my phone number.  I was available to meet them shortly after she talked to me. It was only about a three mile drive for me.

Alexio marked out a 20’x20’ square in the sand. He was right on with the general area. Fifteen minutes later we had the car key in the scoop and two very happy that were not stranded on the cold dark beach with no way to get home. Another fun hunt for me that made me feel good to help a nice young couple out of a predicament.

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Surfer Ladies Lose Keys in Sand ..Sunset Beach, CA. .. Recovered by Metal Detector Specialist

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Michelle and Ashley had been surfing at Sunset Beach, CA. Like many surfers Ashley buried her keys under the edge of her towel. When they were ready to leave, they couldn’t find the keys. 

I met them on the beach shortly after they called. They had left the area of the beach where they had been laying out, but Ashley was confident that the wet spot on the beach was where her surfboard had been. 

I grid searched the 40’x 40ft area twice and expanded my search outside that area with no success. They were confused, thinking maybe someone had seen them bury the keys. Then they asked me to stop searching. They called a relative to bring a spare set of keys and walked back to their car.

I stayed on the beach determined to finish a large area that could hide a set of car keys. Fifteen minutes after Ashley and Michelle had left the beach, I found the keys more than 100’ from the location they gave me. They still don’t know how the keys ended up that far away but the important thing is that the two surfer ladies were able to get into their car to drive home and the keys were also important. Just the trouble of replacing these keys can be aggravating. I have learned not to let the possibility that someone possibly took the keys keep me from eliminating all possible hiding spots.

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Lost Wedding Ring after 69 Years of Marriage.. Found by Member of TheRingFinders .. Newport Beach, CA.

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Nic’ s 90 year old grandmother had been visiting with the family at their Newport Beach home on the beach. She has been grieving the recent loss of her husband of 69 years of marriage. While at the family gathering she lost her wedding ring that she has worn for the 69 years.

His grandmother, Nana had been out on the beach where she walked into the surf, ankle deep, to feel the ocean water on her feet. She lost her balance falling in the shallow water. Nic’ s mother helped Nana to her feet walking her back to their beach chairs where she used towels to dry her off. That’s where Nana noticed her precious ring missing.

Nic had the presence of mind to go online to find my contact information. After he called me I was able to meet him and his family at the site shortly after the call.

Almost everyone believed the ring was in the ocean. Nic’s mother thought it could be in the dry sand where they dried off Nana.

I spent the first part of the search in the surf as the tide was coming up. If it wasn’t there I could return at the next low tide. Not finding it, I went up to where they had dried off. 

While swing my detector over the dry sand, Nana walked up to me with a sad look on her face. She pointed out to the waves saying the ring is lost out there. A couple more moves with the detector I got the perfect sound of gold. One scoop of my sand scoop revealed the 69 year old ring. Nana was right next to me at the time, so I let her take it out of the scoop. The look on her face was indescribable. I got very emotional and began to tear up. After many recoveries this was exceptional and one I’ll never forget. Being a member of TheRingFinders has been a special part of my life.

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Here’s a testimonial from Nicodemos:

My 90 year old nana fell by the water right on 38th street Newport Beach and walked over onto the sand to dry off when she noticed her ring she got from her now passed away husband (tata) since 1951 was missing!

Our family lost all hope until I found Stan The Metal Detector Man! I called and he immediately came by within 15 minutes! It was very reassuring to see how confident and knowledgeable Stan was. He had a plan and reasoning for what he was doing and he found the ring in less that an hour.

Honestly can’t thank Stan enough because what he found was priceless and he’s doing gods work

Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Sand at Local Los Angeles County Beach .. Recovered by TheRingFinders

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*** Don called the day after losing his ring possibly at a local Los Angeles County Beach. He didn’t know it was missing till he got home from the beach. He did know that he had placed it in his backpack while at the beach. After searching his car and house he only could think it may have come out of the backpack while pulling items out.

He told me he had run out of places to search. The only other possibility would be it fell out of the backpack while at the beach. We discussed our chances of finding the ring that has daily sifting machines and other recreational metal detectorists. I did tell him once I scanned the area I could tell him that there isn’t a ring there now.

We met that evening after all the beach goers had left the beach. Don showed me an area between the trash cans and the top of the last high tide. I chose to start in the middle grid searching parallel towards the water. After a ten or twelve passes Don wanted me to come back towards the trash cans. This happens often, but I told him I would move over to that other area as soon as I finished two more passes. Yep! Just before finishing to move to his new location. BOOM! Great sounding target and his ring in the scoop. If I would have moved when he wanted me to, it would have been another hour or more before I resumed the original search pattern.

Either way we both knew it was a long shot type search and it worked out well. The hard searches are so emotionally rewarding. That’s why I say I Will Try Anywhere. Even if the item isn’t found there is some type of satisfaction to know that the search was done with an experienced metal detectorist. 

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Surf Recovered 30 days after Loss .. Seal Beach, CA.

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**** Kara called me a month after her husband lost his platinum Tiffany wedding band teaching his daughters to boogie board in the surf at Seal Beach, CA.  A friend of hers t old her about TheRingFinders metal detector service directory.

Kara was skeptical about the chances of finding the ring after a month in the ocean. I only could tell her I would try the next morning. I do know this side of Seal Beach has a hard  bottom, one of the reasons to give it a try. The downside is
this place is notorious for having a lot of aluminum trash.

The next morning I arrived with only a verbal description of where the ring was lost. Where I wanted to start my grid search, there was a surf fisherman on the exact spot. 

I moved over about 20 feet to the left to start swinging my detector out towards the waves. When I was shin deep in the water I got my first signal which gave me a bottle cap signal. I gave it a quick dig and gave up. After a moving a few feet, It was bothering me to walk away from a signal. So I went back to dig the target out of the sand. It was not a bottle cap! it was Kara’s husband’s Tiffany PT850 ring in my scoop. I very seldom search using discrimination settings on my detector. This was a heads up to dig everything. Everyday is a day to learn something.

Kara and her daughters met me later that day to pick up the ring. They were excited to have daddy’s ring back. They also were also planning to surprise their dad later that afternoon when he returned home from work.. 

Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

Surfer Loses Hierloom Gold Ring in the Surf at Huntington Beach, CA. .. Metal Detector Man Recovers and Returns the Sentimental Ring

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*** Alex had been surfing at Huntington City Beach when he felt his very special hierloom ring slip off his finger into the ocean. It was passed down to Alex from his dad. It meant the world to Alex.

Surfers rings are usually lost too far out to get them a low tides. Especially at Huntington Beach, CA. I looked at the next best low tides to have the optimum chance to find the ring. I would need Alex to be there to guide me in the general location.

We met the next morning at 5am when the parking lots opened. Alex was there with his mother. As we walked onto the beach it was still dark. I tried to be honest with Alex about our chances of finding the ring at this particular beach, considering he was surfing when the loss occurred. We had three things going for us. One, he felt the ring come off.
Two, he was on the inside set of braking waves. Three, he was there to point me in the right direction.

I turned on my metal detector walking straight out till I got to knee deep water. Then I turned to my right to begin scanning parallel to the waves. Three steps to the north “BOOM” first target in the scoop was Alex’s ring. His mother was near me so I passed her the ring to make sure it was the correct ring. It was still dark so she took it over to Alex who had a flashlight. They both came over to me in shock not believing what had just  happened. 

I find rings lost in the ocean a couple days after they have been lost, but not in the first 2 or 3 minutes os a search. Another awesome recovery for the Metal Detector Man. 

These quick finds are always special especially when they are long shots. Just to be realistic, I need to tell you that I have been on more than three unsuccessful searches in the last month that were more than four hours each. WIN SOME! LOSE SOME !

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Gorgeous 4 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Newport Beach, CA.. Found with A Lot of Luck

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***Jim’s wife, Joanne had lost her 4 carat diamond platinum wedding ring at Balboa in Newport Beach, CA. They are staying at a beach front vacation rental. He called asking for help and I was able to meet him at the location soon after our phone conversation. 

When I arrived Jim told me the whole story. His wife had been sitting on the beach n her beach chair watching the waves, etc. She then asked her daughter to go back to house and get her book. Her daughter brought the book up to the beach. That’s when Joanne remembered that she had placed three pieces of jewelry out of site in the book. 

When they returned to the house two of the pieces of jewelry were on the floor. The large diamond ring was no where to be found. The area of loss could be anywhere through the house, patio, boardwalk, 75 yards across a grass soccer field or the 75 yards of sand to the beach chair. Very challenging.

While Jim was updating me on the details, he told me that another detector person was searching the location. That guy gave up going further down the beach. I knew I would have to start the search as though it hadn’t been detected. In my head I was planning my best way to attack the search. I chose to start up on the towel line because the beach sifting machines would be hitting that are first thing in the morning. Such a large search zone might require returning in the morning to do the grass soccer field.

I started up my detector right in front of where Joanne was still sitting in her beach chair. I got a pull tab signal within the first three feet. BUT!!! It turned out to be this gorgeous platinum diamond wedding ring that Joanne had worn for over 23 years. 

Both Jim and Joanne witnessed the recovery. They were amazed. She kept repeating “ Who are You? Where did you come from? “

We often find rings fast when people feel their rings come off and can stay in the area of the loss. This was such a large search area with so many possibilities that it could have been found in an open area or picked off by the beach sifting machines ie: Beach King. I figured that the ring stayed in the book until her daughter handed Joanne the book.If the daughter switched hands or loosened her grip on the book it could have fallen anywhere.

A very happy couple for sure, as always it was a pleasure to help them.


I WILL TRY ANYWHERE … If you need help I will answer any questions about helping you find your lost sentimental keepsake. Call anytime.. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

Lost Gold Ring in the Ocean at Crystal Cove State Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned by RingFinder Service

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*** Dave and his wife were at Crystal Cove State Beach which is in Newport Beach, CA. His wife lost an hierloom gold ring playing in waist deep surf. He contacted me by text asking for help. I was able to get the location of the loss using text photos as Dave could not meet me at the location.

The first attempt was the day after the loss. It was a “no find” because the tide wasn’t low enough to allow me to get far out. The minus low tides were happening at early am hours and the main park is closed at 10pm. Conditions of the sand looked favorable but I would have to wait 4 days for the best tides. I had to walk in almost 2 miles at 1:30am.

It was a very dark night with no moon but I had a feeling that if the ring was still there, I had a good chance to find it. This was going to be a one time search. Can’t hike in two miles very many times. Anyway, I did a 45 minute grid search and the ring showed up 30’ to 40ft. outside the search zone only about 4 inches deep. 

Dave met me the next day where I was able to give him the ring. He had not told his wife, so he was going to surprise her that evening.  As always, it was a pleasure to help Dave and his wife to find a sentimental keepsake like this awesome gold ring that spent 4 days hiding under the sand in the Pacific Ocean.


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Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Surf at SoCal Beach … Found and Returned to Grateful Owner

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***  Maria found my contact information on the internet a day after her white gold and diamond wedding ring slipped off her finger into the surf. She had taken her young son for his first time at the ocean. While holding him in shin deep water her ring slowly came off her finger. She couldn’t let go of her son to retrieve the ring as the next wave washed the ring out of sight.

The loss occurred at a high tide but this SoCal beach is one place that can pull a ring down into a deep trough of cobble stones. I made arrangements to meet Maria just a little after noon which is the best low tide.

When I arrived Maria her mother and sisters were all at the site. She had good landmarks that helped make this a successful search. I began my grid search approximately 20 feet below where she dropped the ring. Working up the slope to where she said the loss happened. I got the perfect white gold signal exactly where she said it dropped. The ring had not moved from that spot all night with two high tides. 

The whole family was excited as were several of the beach goers that witnessed the recovery. This never gets old for me, it’s great to see the joy and feel the gratitude from the  people I’m able to help.


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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Ocean During Photo Shoot .. Laguna Beach, CA.

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….  Sukhm had proposed to Banpreet at beautiful Laguna Beach, CA. beach. They had a photographer record the moment. The photographer suggested they set the engagement ring in the wet sand for a photo with them in the background. An unexpected wave came up and the ring disappeared below the sand. I’m posting a copy of Banpreet’s side of the story below.

My fiance had just finished his proposal to me and we were beginning to take pictures with my new ring. We were attempting to take a picture with the ring in the sand and as our photographer was focusing-in on the ring, a wave came and swept the ring away. Our photographer frantically began to dig around the area to look for the ring, and my fiance immediately jumped into the water. I followed him and we were both waist deep in the water, grabbing at anything that felt like it could be my ring but would only turn out to be shells and debri every time. 30 minutes passed and we still couldn’t find the ring, my worst nightmare was becoming a reality and as the sun began to set, I started to believe that my ring was gone forever. 

I called my brother and asked him what we should do and he googled Ring Finders and Stanley was the closest to our location. My brother contacted him and before he could hang up the phone, Stanley was already on his way to us. Stanley arrived quickly with all of his equipment and began searching the area. We watched as Stanley scanned over the area where we lost the ring. Within a minute he scooped up the sand, and nodded his head with a smile. My fiance jumped up and shouted “No way!” Stanley found our ring! We were overjoyed and both embraced Stanley. 

Stanley truly has a talent for locating valuables and allowed us to have our happy ending. He was very kind, professional and helpful. We will always remember how he helped us during one of the most stressful situations in our life. We highly recommend him to anyone who loses something valuable. Thank you Stanley!


I would like to hear the photographer’s story, how he felt after suggesting putting the ring in the wet sand.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call Now, I can answer any questions about finding your lost valuable .. Stan .. 949-500-2136