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Tough River Recovery

  • from Springfield (Missouri, United States)

This recovery started with an email from a friend of the ring owner, but quickly progressed to a call from Shannan, the ring owner herself. Shannan had been cooling off at a local river swimming spot and decided to move through some fast-flowing water. As she did so, the current pulled her diamond and white gold engagement ring off her finger. Shannan was distraught. She and her fiancé bought a waterproof flashlight and attempted to set off reflections from the diamonds, but the choppy water made it impossible. Then Shannan’s friend hopped online, found my Ring Finders page and now here I was, trudging down a dirt road that led to the river.

After giving me the background of what happened and pointing out the relevant places, I was encouraged by the fact that Shannan knew exactly when the ring came off her hand. This really helped narrow the search area down to a few square yards. But once I put on my wet gear and walked into the river, my confidence ebbed significantly: The spot where the ring was lost had a current so strong it was a challenge to stand in it, let alone swing a detector!

I found a place to stand, bracing my feet diagonally and facing into the current. This was working, but it became clear that I was going to have to change coils. The big coil on the AT Pro was hydroplaning in the current and even with both hands I couldn’t keep a controlled movement going. I waded back out and switched to the smaller coil. With less surface area to buffet, the rushing water had far less effect on this coil, and I was able to start a grid. It was still tough: The water was nearly 3 feet deep and so rough from the speed of the current, I couldn’t see the coil, let alone the river bed. This was going to have to be 100% auditory.

Before long I had a good repeatable signal that was right in the middle of the AT’s gold range. I pinpointed as best I could through the chaos of the water and put my foot beside the coil. Taking my scoop, I blindly dug alongside my foot. Dragging the scoop out of the water, a quick re-scan over the spot was silent. Either I had knocked the target back into the current and it had tumbled downriver, or it was in the scoop. I started to pick rocks out of the scoop and soon saw a blaze of fiery color – there was Shannan’s engagement ring, the diamonds shining brightly in the afternoon sun!

Ring Lost While Kayaking – RECOVERED

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

A gentleman contacted me on about a lost wedding band.  “Familiar story” you say.  Well this unfortunate fellow had only been married for a week and already had the misfortune of losing his wedding band while kayaking.  After a phone conversation about where he lost his ring, it was evident that this was not going to be an easy recovery.  The suspected area was very large but I gave it a shot.  After a large sweep of the area, and still on location, I contacted the gentleman to confirm where he got out of the river (that was the place where he realized his ring was gone).  I figured I might as well start at the end and work my way back.

Unbelievably that is where I found the ring.  Laying in plain view in about 8 inches of water.  Lost for 4 days and still right on top of the gravel.  It was meant to be for the owner to get his ring back.  I contacted the owner while I was on location and he was to say the least shocked and amazed that I was able to find the ring.  I promptly mail the ring back to him and he was more than gracious in showing his appreciation for the recovery and return.

Here is the ring just after recovery.


Here is the ring back on the owner’s hand


Another smile in the books.

Lady’s white gold 3-ring set lost in Hudson, WI while kayaking – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Marie and her husband Zack were on a guided kayaking trip down a small river in WI when Marie got swept into a swift and deep part of the river that had low-hanging branches blocking the way.  She had no choice but to go through and duck as best she could to avoid getting hurt by the branches.

As Marie was doing her best to get herself and her kayak out of trouble, the kayak tipped over and she went sprawling into the river.  She made it to shore, dumped the water out of her kayak and started again on her journey down the river.

A few hundred yards past the spot where she went in, Marie discovered that her 3 rings welded together were missing and let Zack know the bad news.  She was certain that the most likely spot the rings were lost was back up stream where she went in.

Zack call me 6 days later and told me the story.  I knew that the hunt wasn’t going to be an easy one and Zack said it was a bit of a hike to get to the site, so I contacted two buddies who also have a lot of experience searching for rings.  The more people searching, the better the chances a ring will be found – especially in a river.

Zack met us in town near the river and we followed him to the a parking spot about 3/4 mile away from the search site.  We got on our waders, got our gear together and walked through some little-used trails and across the river to the spot where Marie’s kayak tipped over.  I was surprised how fast and how deep the water was at this particular spot. We knew some of the water was too deep to search, but we covered every bit we could.

It was Mike who eventually found the rings by taking off his waders and going deeper into the river.  He found it right where the kayak likely tipped over: immediately after the low-hanging branches.  Zack was thrilled and gave us a generous reward.

I was really impressed by Zack’s effort to get his wife’s rings back.  He was very determined and really thought things through.  Below are pictures of Zack and the rings.



GoPro returned to local kayaker

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)


I recently found a GoPro 4 on a river hunt. After looking at the video on the camera I was able to post some snap shots on FB and with some help, I was able to locate the owner. Here is the return to a happy owner.
Thank you Travis for your generous reward.

Check out my FB page where I try to reunite lost items with their owners.


Lost Wedding Ring – Recovered in Elbow River

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Shiver me Timbers, that water’s Cold!

I received a call from Alex last night, he was concerned that his Wedding Ring was lost forever, he had their wedding rings custom made to match out of Silver and Gold.  They had gone out to the Bragg Creek area just outside Calgary and were swimming in the Elbow River when he noticed his ring was missing.  They tried to search for it with masks and snorkels but the current is so swift there that it was hard for them to stay in any one spot to search the rocks properly.

Alex searched on line and found me, I advised that I had just finished two successful water hunts and would be able to search for his tomorrow, he had to work but his wife  Katie was able to meet me in Bragg Creek and take me to the site of their swim only 20 minutes away.

The Elbow River is glacier fed at it’s source and the river was quite a bit higher than had been the day before when they were swimming.  We put parking cones along the river bank to mark the area I was to search, then I started into the water for the search.  The water rose quickly as I walked toward the centre and it was painfully cold, I could only scan with the current but this time then current was stronger than previous searches, I had to really watch my step as I would end up down stream somewhere if I slipped.

I slowly searched away from the bank then turning around back to were Katie was stood, she was apologizing all the time for the temperature of the water, which she had no control over . Once I got back to the bank I would climb out warm up and then repeat.  After an hour, I had searched an area of the Elbow River approximately 50 feet by 15 feet ( 15 meters x 4 meters ) when I got the loud crisp signal of Silver from my Garrett ATPRO metal detector, just to be sure I scanned twice more then peered into the water and saw a gleam of silver about 3.5 feet ( 4 meters ) down in the rushing water, it took me 3 tries to pick it up but I finally got Alex’s beautiful Silver and Gold Wedding band.  Once I got to shore and handed it to Katie she was over come with joy and gave me a big hug ( Gosh I love my job, just look at the smile on her face.  Thank you Alex and Katie for trusting The Ring Finders to find your precious ring and thank you for your generous reward.

If you have lost a ring on land or in the water, go to www.TheRingFinders.com and look for one of us in your area, “We Can Find It!

 Katie with Alex;s Ring Alex;s Ring

Lost Ring In Alberta River — Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost White Gold Wedding Band Recovered for Newly Weds

Dorothy found my Bio on  TheRingFinders.com  and called me today. Dorothy and her Husband of Two Weeks had been out rafting on the Little Red Deer River, Alberta,  three days prior to her call.  They were just passing over some rapids when their raft was heading toward a dead fall tree, her husband reached out to hold the branches from hitting Dorothy when it happened.  The tree dragged off his 2 week old 18k White Gold Wedding Band.  They searched the river themselves but had no luck.

I headed out to the site right away it was just over 100 km to get to the part of the river where the loss had happened.  Dorothy pointed to the rapids, the dead fall tree and also suggested another set of rapids further up stream may be a possibility.  I waded into the river, the current was quite strong, I headed toward the dead fall tree on the opposite side. I found it was only possibly to swing my detector with the current so taking very small steps I would submerge the coil swing with the current, take the coil out of the water and repeat.  The bottom of the river was all cobble so I made sure to check in behind each boulder as I came upon them. At about 3/4 of the way across I got a loud sweet sound in the range I would expect white Gold, so I paused and looked into the water and saw something glimmering up through the water.  I reached in and came up with just pebbles but the next grab got the prize, I called to Dorothy and asked if it looked like the one we are looking for, she replied is it the ring.  I exclaimed, “I don’t know I’ve never seen it before” knowing full well it must be the right ring.  Once  she saw it she was over the moon with excitement looking forward to letting her hubby know, he was unable to attend as he was working.  I got a great big hug from Dorothy and took a photo of her with a big smile. Thank you for the generous reward Dorothy.

Dorothy with Ring Dorothys Husbands Ring

Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a email about a lost mans white gold wedding ring lost in the Scioto River. He was out on the river all day in a canoe. At the end of the day he decided to swim and play around. Then he notice that his ring has was missing. After getting a hold of myself and setting up a time for the next day to search. After a couple of hours in three to four feet of water with a good current, the ring was found in the rock scoop (sand scoop). He was very happy to have his ring back. As he put it, I find an item that is innumerable value to him and is very grateful.



Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”

















Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in the Scioto River near Lockbourne Ohio. “FOUND”