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Lost ring recovery Minnesota Lake metal detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Chaz & Jill took their kids up to a cabin in northern Minnesota for the Labor Day weekend. Jill was in the water playing with the kids, when she got out, she noticed her diamond wedding ring was not on her finger. She wasn’t sure exactly when or where it came off, though with the colder water in Minnesota it’s a safe bet that it came off in the water. Chaz got on the internet and searched “how to recover a lost ring” and up popped theringfinders.com web site. He called me and we discussed the situation, the ring was most likely in shallow water and not to weedy or mucky. So, I drove up and hopped in the water. There was a lot of trash to remove, about an hour & half into the search I found that beautiful white gold diamond ring.

So glad I could help out :O)

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