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Engagement Ring Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

March 26, 2015 … Thursday

I had a ring search earlier in the day at a park. When I got home to rest up I got a call from the same people telling me that they found the 2 platinum and diamond rings in their sofa. Five minutes later I got a call from Jessica who was at Newport Beach which is 4 miles away from my location. Jessica sounded very distressed that her rose gold engagement ring was lost in the sand. She had placed it in her beach bag for safe keeping. When she went to take towel out of the bag the ring went into the super soft fine sand.
Traffic and parking was a bit of a problem but I was able to meet her within a half hour. I asked them to stay in the area they lost the ring. They had the whole area staked out with towels and other beach items. I asked her what type of metal it was and if it was small or large. It took a few minutes to find it. I was surprised that it was such a broken signal. Rose Gold is an alloy and it was very petite which made it harder to detect. I know that this part of the beach will be sifted first thing every morning by the dreaded beach cleaning machines. If she waited a day to call me the ring would have been lost forever.
The smile on Jessica’s face and her two girl friend made it another beautiful day.imageimage

Lost Rings … Newport Beach, CA. … Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2013

I checked my emails about 9:30 pm Sunday night. Jordin had emailed me about 6 pm. Inquiring about how “The RingfFinders” service works. I wrote a reply with a short explanation, asking her to call me at any hour. She called me about 7am. Giving me directions to where she lost her rings two days before. Again I raced to the beach trying to beat the beach cleaning machine or possible another hobby detectorist that doesn’t know how to return a sentimental piece of jewelry.

Jordin is from Bakersfield, CA.,visiting her father in Newport Beach and will be returning tomorrow. Saturday, she took her children to the beach and had put her rings in her backpack with the kids toys. When she got to the beach she dumped the toys on the sand. She did not realize till Sunday morning that her rings were lost.. She spent several hours Sunday sifting through the sand and went that night with a flashlight hoping to see a reflection from the diamonds. Her search was not successful and she did not want to tell her father. The larger of the two rings was her mother’s wedding ring and her mother had past away when she was 3 years old. The ring was given to her when she turned 18 years old. How could that ring ever be replaced ?

After following the directions that Jordin gave me over the phone. I was at the beach within 30 minutes and both the rings were in my scoop after grid searching about 20 square feet. I took a photo and sent it to Jordin with a message. Just after I sent the message she came walking towards me from across the beach. When she got to me I asked her if she got my message. She said she had not recieved it.  Then I held up her two rings.. That turned on her tears of joy..

The next day, I came to the same beach area and I could see where the beach sifting machine had passed over the same area on the beach where I had recovered the rings. It feels so good to be able to use my years of using a metal detector to help Jordin and others..

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