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Lost Ring … Laguna Niguel, CA. … Found at the beach in sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday .. Sept. 28, 2013

Sara’s boyfriend Conner called me around noon Saturday asking me about The RingFinders.  He needed help to find a small silver ring that his girl friend Sara lost in the sand at the beach. I was able to meet them at a small secluded beach in South Laguna. All these beaches are accessible only by stairways with over 200 steps. They are beautiful and not used by many people.

As we walked down the steps Sara told me that before going for a swim she put her ring on her sandals. When she came back she picked up the sandals and the ring went into the sand. Several people spent a couple hours searching the sand. I could see the whole area they searched from the top of the stairway. I started a grid search from the middle of the area spiraling outward. Conner started his stopwatch app on his iphone.The same iphone that helped him find The RingFinders and call me with directions to their house.  Eight minutes later we had the ring. There was another family on the beach that had helped sift through the sand before I got there. They all yelled and applauded when the ring was found.

Sara burst into tears. She told me that this small silver ring was given to her by her mother, when she was baptised 10 years ago. Her mother passed away 3 years ago and this ring was so very special to Sara. I will never look at a small silver ring the same. You can never tell how sentimental a ring is by it’s size or what it cost. I believe I’ve found and returned more than $70,000 worth of jewelry but this small silver ring I will not forget. I have found many rings that I could not locate the owners. I’ll look at them differently from now on..

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