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Throwing a Ring is “Normal”

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Carlise’s gigantic 14 karat yellow gold and 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with 40 additional diamonds (adding up to another 3 carats worth of diamonds)!

Chris and Carlise happy together once again now that the couple’s gorgeous “super bowl” size ring was finally recovered by professional ring finder and metal detectorist Brian Rudolph

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

The word “normal” is defined as: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. When somebody gets upset with someone else, throwing a ring happens to be more expected than you would think.

As a professional ring finder, I along with many members of the elite metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS have met hundreds of clients who lost their rings due to tossing or throwing a wedding band, engagement ring, sweetheart ring, promise ring or maybe a combination of all the above.

In the case of Carlise and Chris, they too had their moment of stress, and as a result… Carlise’s 14 karat yellow gold, 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with 40 additional diamonds (adding up to another 3 carats worth of diamonds) went completely missing somewhere on the side of their house.

For the next week, the couple along with some of their friends searched diligently with a metal detector for the very special keepsake, but all of their efforts led to no avail. When one metal detector did not work, they sent it back and ordered a second one to try that one out and still the ring was nowhere to be found. Eventually, the couple searched online and fortunately they found THE RING FINDERS website. Before long I was on my phone talking with Chris and scheduling a time to come out to help recover his wife’s lost engagement ring.

The next day, I arrived at the couple’s residence and I couldn’t wait to get started with the search. Carlise shared with me where she was standing in the driveway when she threw her beautiful piece of gold and “ice”.

As soon as I got all of the facts, I took out my metal detector and other necessary gear from the car and started the search on the lawn just along side of the driveway. Within a minute or two, my metal detector gave me just the right signal that I had been looking for! I took my pinpointer, knelt down to the ground and carefully checked the spot where my machine was sounding off. There it was! Hidden in the grass just feet from the edge of the driveway, my eyes beheld a huge “super bowl” sized engagement ring! I had never seen such a humongous betrothal keepsake! There were diamonds everywhere around that very large 2 carat solitaire rock!

The moment that I grabbed the ring between the blades of glass where I discovered the jewel, I took off in the direction of where Carlise was standing and I immediately presented her with the amazing engagement ring! My client absolutely lost it with excitement! Carlise couldn’t believe that I had found her lost jewel so very quickly after she, Chris and a number of others had spent countless hours searching for the ring all to come up completely empty handed!

I reminded my clients before and after the search project that throwing rings are quite normal in my line of work. So many couples take their anger out on these precious objects that I call “symbols of love”. You may ask yourself, ‘Why throw these expensive irreplaceable items?’. The answer is simple; I will sum it up with two questions and two answers.

1. What’s the one object that means the most to someone at one point in time that represents love, commitment, faithfulness, covenant and thoughtfulness? Answer: A ring.

2. What’s one way to get your loved one’s attention when deciding to lose control? Answer: Throwing that meaningful and irreplaceable object!

You see, though it’s unhealthy, unfruitful and extremely hurtful to throw such an important item, it’s still considered a very normal and expected behavioral response. So much so that I truly expect to soon get another phone call or text from yet another client who did the very same thing that Carlise and Chris had sadly experienced!



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Rent a metal detector in Miami

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’re trying to rent a METAL DETECTOR to find a lost ring (or any other type of jewelry) on the beach, in the ocean (yes in the ocean), or in your back yard, don’t waste your time.  Give me a call 305-608-1870 and I’ll come and find your lost item.  I’ve been doing this for years.  Below you can see some of my most recent recoveries and happy customers.  You can also check out my other blog/post with other pictures and testimonials….Don’t Hesitate!!!

Mens wedding ring found!

Mens wedding ring found!

Engagement Ring found Miami Beach

Engagement Ring found Miami Beach

Lost ring found south beach at night in the ocean!!

Lost ring found south beach at night in the ocean!!

Another happy couple:-)

Another happy couple:-) Ring found in 4 feet of water


Ridley Creek State Park Posy Ring

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

What at first appeared to be just another annoying telemarketer call, actually turned out to be a lady in distress. Lady Alexia was the unfortunate soul who had lost a ring while attending a reenactment at the Ridley Creek State Park Colonial Plantation the weekend prior. Alexia had worn one of her favorite rings and to her dismay, had lost it on the last day while helping to pack the group’s camp site.

After she described the colvilarea and her confidence that it was lost there, I knew that the odds were in our favor for a recovery. We made an arrangement to meet that coming Saturday, as the sooner we look for it the better… plus I could tell that she was very anxious to find her ring. To my surprise, Alexia lived in Manhattan and would have to take off a day from work, in order to make this journey. She also asked if I could pick her up from the local train station, I obliged and was impressed with the trust she had in strangers.

Prior to my search, Alexia contacted the Park and secured permission for me to search the area with a metal detector. Since this is a historical site, I made sure to enforce the fact that I would not be digging any holes during my search. Since the ring was lost very recently, it would be a surface recovery and no need for any penetrations. The State Park management granted us permission, with the understanding that if any other items/artifact were found during my search that I would give them to the Park.

I met Alexia at the local train station that Saturday around noon. The weather had taken a turn for the worse; it reminded me of an Islay scotch. It was overcast, with patches of light rain, cooler and windy! I could smell the damp peat and taste the salty sea. Ok, maybe the peat and the salt was the Talisker still lingering on my palate, but it was a typical Scottish day (from what I hear).  🙂  As we drove to the park I learned that Alexia is in the jewelry business, she is a gemologist. The lost ring was part of her jewelry collection; it was a 15th century English posy ring with the inscription “NUL AUTRE” on the inside. It was originally found by a metal detectorist in England and then sold under the Treasure Act of 1996.

When we arrived at the field, I recognized that the area was large than estimated. I would take me the rest of the day to search, but fortunately, it was all low grass, so that was a pleasure to work with. We had a brief chat about what occurred in the different parts of the field and then I was ready to start the search.

I use little orange flags to mark my search grid and spots of interest, this way I make sure that there are no overlaps or missed spots and I can come back later to investigate the “good hits.” I did have two great sounding hits, with a high likelihood of them being older silver coins; it was so hard not to check them. Yet since they were a few inches down, I could not dig a plug, a promise is a promise… but it was so tempting.

I was a few hours into my search and hope was fading fast. I had searched the most probably areas with two more smaller spots to check, the archery area and where Alexia had dropped some swords. The archery area search did not produce anything. With failure on my mind, I told her that I could come back with a friend to try one more time the following week. I was really impressed with her attitude, as she said that it is ok, because she tried her best to find her ring. This made me feel better, because I gave it my best also.

The last small 10′ x 10′ area is where Alexia first noticed that her ring was missing. She said that she had alexia-posy-ringput down some swords by the vehicles when – to her horror – her prized possession was missing. And at this very spot I had a clear hit, it was perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. As I squatted down and moved the grass to the side I saw the yellowish glint of gold that every treasure hunter dreams of. I immediately knew by the beautiful diagonal design that this was Alexia’s. I was so happy, that I couldn’t contain myself and had to exclaim our find! I was amazed at the beauty and sheer weight of this ring – it is an exquisite piece of jewelry! This is definitely the nicest and most valuable – monetarily speaking – ring that I had found so far.

She was VERY happy – it made my day. On the alexiaway back to the car, she made the comment that the ring, which was originally found by a metal detectorist in England, was found again by a metal detectorist.

Not only did Alexia give a very generous reward, but she also bought lunch as we waited at the local pub for her train to arrive. The reward came in handy, because on that day I had to replace my washing machine.