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Titanium Wedding Band Found! Broadmoor Arena, Sherwood Park, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Tamara this afternoon asking if I could help find her husband’s  titanium wedding ring which he lost in the snow last night? After asking Tamara a few questions I agreed to meet her within 45 minutes.

I arrived at the location and meet Tamara and her friend Kathie she showed me the area that the ring was lost Tamara said her husband was throwing snow on his vehicle windshield because he was out of washer fluid, he felt the ring slip off his finger?  after four hours looking and shoveling snow to one side he had no luck of finding his ring.

Tamara and Kathie spent another 45 minutes this afternoon looking in the pile of snow with no luck, Tamara then googled rent a metal detector, my name came up and called me,

I started to detect and area approximately 20′ x 30′ which I figured the ring would be? from the information I received from Tamara with no luck, then I move over to the pile of snow where her husband has shoveled the snow, that’s the spot the ring was found buried 4 inches in the snow.

Another happy client.

Thank you Tamara.

Lost Ring In Albany New York Recovery

  • from Saratoga Springs (New York, United States)

Gene Leclaire lost his wedding band while removing ice off his windshield wipers at Dunkin Donuts on Washington Ave in Albany New York. It was in the beginning of February when upstate New York was covered with over 15 inches of snow during a brutal storm when Gene pulled off to clean his car and his worst nightmare was realised. The 14 karat yellow gold wedding band that had a number of diamonds and was a gift from his wife had slipped off and fell into the snow somewhere. To top it all off it was a custom ring made to be a replica of the brides grandfather’s wedding ring. Gene suffered for 3 weeks with stress and anxiety wondering if he would ever see the custom ring again. He called Steven Bell a member of and was assured to be optimistic. On 2/22/15, after 1 hour of searching snow banks pushed together by plow trucks Gene was reunited with the beloved ring that signified his love and marriage. See video



Lost Wedding ring in Rathdrum ID

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Six Feet of water and a Muddy hay stack

I’ve worked hard in my career, I have dug post holes in 100 degree heat, I’ve cleaned up the foulest smelling liquid a human can produce, I’ve worked with people who hated life and loved making your life miserable. But floating in six feet of green murky water swinging a detector by the arm cup and trying to use a scoop without seeing where it was scooping has been the hardest job yet that I completely loved and would do for free for the rest of my life. I am 5’9” the spot where the ring went into the water was about 6’6”. So with the Excalibur fully extended and me holding on to the arm cup of the detector I searched for 2 hrs. I found a piece of a fishing reel, a cap off of a light bulb I think, a stinkin’ Lincoln, and most importantly Sky’s palladium wedding ring. First go at finding the ring only left me shivering and empty handed. But after the shivers went away and I got back in the water the next signal was the ring. Only problem was that I didn’t know that and I had to get it in the scoop. I had a strategy, though, I was setting the scoop in front of the coil and then scooping towards where I was floating. The third scoop was the ring and as I brought the scoop into view I saw the ring it was sticking out of the mud. I didn’t know for sure and after frantically swimming to shallower water I saw the ring in the bottom of the scoop. I looked up saw Sky looking at me so I gave him a thumbs up. I don’t think I have celebrated so hard since my kids were born. It was a needle in a muddy hay stack but by the grace of God and perseverance, a man named Sky has a story about how he got his lost ring back. Thank you for calling me Sky and thank you Chris for the directory that allows us to help people. It truly is the best job in the world like you say .


Lost item in Eastern Washington

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)


The trees have ears..?

The trees have eyes you might be saying, however deep in the mountains of northeast Washington  they had ears. What I mean is that, a gentleman named Skip had lost his hearing aid while out hunting. After looking in the dark for a few minutes and returning the next day to find that it had snowed, Skip decided to look for help. He called a local metal detecting shop and asked about renting a detector. The sales man knew he wouldn’t have any luck so he told him to look up the Ring Finders. So a few days ago I returned Skip’s call and set up a date to go looking. it was 19 degrees, the ground was frozen, but the sun was out. It took one and half ours to drive out to the location, 5 minutes to walk to the area, and 2 minutes for me to turn on my Whites DFX.  After Swinging it around and just barely hearing a change in the threshold while in pinpoint mode, Skip and I started looking on our hands and knees. Just moments into it Skip pulled out a piece of the aid from underneath a few twigs. So then we started moving around some branches and I spotted the other half that contained the inner workings for the aid. Happy, cold and elated to have helped this man, I thought I am so glad this was my first ring finders happy ending. Thank you for calling me Skip it means more than anything to have had the chance to help you.

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