Lost item in Eastern Washington

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)


The trees have ears..?

The trees have eyes you might be saying, however deep in the mountains of northeast Washington  they had ears. What I mean is that, a gentleman named Skip had lost his hearing aid while out hunting. After looking in the dark for a few minutes and returning the next day to find that it had snowed, Skip decided to look for help. He called a local metal detecting shop and asked about renting a detector. The sales man knew he wouldn’t have any luck so he told him to look up the Ring Finders. So a few days ago I returned Skip’s call and set up a date to go looking. it was 19 degrees, the ground was frozen, but the sun was out. It took one and half ours to drive out to the location, 5 minutes to walk to the area, and 2 minutes for me to turn on my Whites DFX.  After Swinging it around and just barely hearing a change in the threshold while in pinpoint mode, Skip and I started looking on our hands and knees. Just moments into it Skip pulled out a piece of the aid from underneath a few twigs. So then we started moving around some branches and I spotted the other half that contained the inner workings for the aid. Happy, cold and elated to have helped this man, I thought I am so glad this was my first ring finders happy ending. Thank you for calling me Skip it means more than anything to have had the chance to help you.

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8 Replies to “Lost item in Eastern Washington”

  1. jason bontrager says:

    Way to go

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Welcome to the “found” club Luke! More will come your way…

  3. Bill Jones says:

    Nice Job! And great story, congratulations. Look forward to reading about the many more finds you will have with The Ring Finders

  4. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Luke! Feels good to help! Look forward to your next post!
    Best, Chris

  5. Luke Schlining says:

    Wow you guys, it means a lot to hear from all of you. I knew when i saw this web site i would not regret signing up to help people. Thank you Chris for setting this site up and implementing such a wonderful idea.

  6. Don’t know if the hearing aid will be any good but at least you found it. I wear hearing aids (but not for metal detecting)and know it would be very difficult to find them if they were lost. Some think that rings are more ‘appropriate’ targets but my hearing aids cost $2k each and so they are worth more than many rings….definitely worth searching for. Great finds..Good luck in the future.

  7. Skip Ostrander says:

    Unbelievable find and it still works too!!! So amazing and I couldn’t have done it without Luke and his metal detector. Thank you so much, Luke and if anyone has anything they need finding, don’t hesitate to call this guy!

    1. Luke Schlining says:

      That is amazing skip, i am surprised it does but thrilled, thank for giving me a call and the kudos.

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