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Lost Gold Class Ring Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Class Act Reunion!

This pictured gentleman was assisting a tree trimming crew in his yard and while moving limbs and what not his size 10 14k class ring slipped off yesterday. Overnight there was an inch or so of snow as well. I knew from past searches this chunky ring would be reading in the high 50’s to low 60’s on my MXT meter. Chatting a bit he mentioned he was in the planning stages for a 45th year class reunion, making this search and recovery very special. Not remembering where he was in the yard but a general area I started to run a grid pattern right down the middle of the yard. I actually liked the snow since I could see my footprints where I was walking helping me get a better grid search! This is the only time you will see me say I enjoy SNOW! After just a few minutes and some random junk and iron signals I got a +60 zinc penny 0 depth signal blaring thru my headphones. Pinpointing the spot and brushing the snow aside revealed this beautiful gold ring shining up at me! As you can see he was super thrilled that his class ring was found and he will be able to truly have a class act reunion!