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Lost Ring at Smith Farm Fields in Northampton, MA… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
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Mrs. Volberg contacted me to discuss a ring she lost while walking her dog after a large snow storm in Northampton, Massachusetts. The last memory of her lost ring was from earlier that morning just before she put on her gloves to go to Smith Farm Fields.

We began searching a number of places she stopped to let her dog off leash. One place in particular she remembers the dog getting startled due to a cross-country skier. She remembers removing her gloves during the commotion – glove removal is a common way to lose a ring. As we were searching a man stopped and asked what we were looking for with a metal detector. When we told him about the lost ring and the potential search areas, he revealed that he found a woman’s 14k gold ring in the middle of the path last weekend! The location and time frame lined up perfectly. Mr. Baldwin not only found her ring, but he went a step further and verified ownership by requiring Mrs. Volberg to identify the engraving on the inside of the ring she lost… Mrs. Volberg had a moment of doubt when she recalled there was no engraving inside the ring she lost… This was the exact answer Mr. Baldwin was looking for to help verify ownership! What are the chances that Mr. Baldwin picked up this lost ring, and happened to be at Smith Farm Fields during the same day and time I was searching for the Mrs. volberg’s lost ring! Thank you Mr. Baldwin for your honesty and caring personality!

Mrs. Volberg & Mr. Baldwin 






















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