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Lost Ring Block Island, RI… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
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The symbol of a 15-year marriage lost in the surf during a family summer vacation on Block Island, RI. This isn’t the first… or second… or third time this ring has been lost. The ring was lost as early as their first year of marriage, but always manages to find its way back home…

Keith lost his ring while surfing at New Shoreham aka Block Island, Rhode Island. I arrived on the island and hitched a ride with the local taxi service to Scotch Beach. Joe the taxi driver dropped me off at the entrance and Keith took me straight to the spot where he lost his ring while surfing two days prior. We discussed the search boundaries with a couple of beach-goers who were also in the area when over the past couple of days and were familiar with the situation. This was the same area Keith had a local metal detectorist from the island search on the previous day, but he obviously came up empty handed. After hearing this news, determination was at an all-time high. Keith explained this was his first-time surfing and he was falling off the board constantly. He felt feel the ring slip as he took one of his falls, which is good news when trying to recap and identify the search area. He remembered the water level being knee-deep about 2 hours after high tide. I turned on my detector and got started searching in the knee-deep water. Except the knee-deep water kept going! That is one reason this beach is so popular; the gradual slope is great for frolicking in the water but not so great for trying to pinpoint the location of a lost ring by water depth. I spent a total of 3 hours searching for this ring dodging frisbees, footballs, and boogie-boards, oh and small children. Good news, the gradual slope left most of the search area in ankle-deep water as the tide went out. I cleaned that beach out, there was not a pull tab, bottle cap, or bit of lobster cage left in that entire area. I scooped up what must have been the very last piece of metal on the beach, and when I looked down, I saw a glimmer of silver as the sand washed through the drain holes. Finally!! I low-key inspected the ring for the Tiffany markings Keith mentioned earlier, careful not to be too obvious with my inspection. I didn’t want to alert the crowd of people standing on the beach sipping White Claw and laughing at us for wasting our time looking for this hopelessly lost ring. I came back to the chairs where Keith was sitting and told him I needed a break. He understood and we started talking about the ring. I asked question after question to confirm I absolutely had the right ring – I did not want to drop the big surprise and present the wrong ring! I stood up, and said I was heading back out another round of searching, but before I walked away, adrenaline pumping like I was about to propose, I leaned in with my scoop and asked Keith if this was his ring. He sat there in shock for a second then reached and pulled the ring from the bottom of the sand scoop. We celebrated for a moment then he told me of all the other times this ring has been lost over the last 15 years. Keith has managed to get this ring back over and over again. His persistence and refusal to give up is the reason he gets it back every time.

“Keith is truly the best. I was skeptical but he went the distance taking a ferry to block island! He found my ring in the ocean!! I had someone else try before him and after twenty minutes he told me it was a lost cause.. Keith spent over 2 hours. On top of that, he’s a really good guy. Highly recommend.” – Keith

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