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Lost Gold and Jade Ring Found In Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Snowball Effect…..

……Wasn’t was Savie was expecting as her and some friends took a short cut home as the snow started to come down hard this morning. Stopping briefly in a parking garage to dry off they decided to venture out and play around a bit. As the snowflakes came down, enough was on the ground to make some snow angels and throw a few snowballs at each other. After arriving home she realized her ring was missing. All rings are precious and this one held special meaning being handed down from her grandmother, to mom, then her. On site I used one of the 2 turn on and go modes on my MXT metal detector. The grass was thick and there was approx. 2 inches of snow on top. Grid searching the area revealed clean ground underneath my detector coil. Nearing the end of the suspected area I got a clean solid signal. Probing down revealed this stunning and unique gold ring with a jade stone not far from the snow angel she made! I waived at Savie to come out from under the parking deck and when she arrived she was thrilled the ring was located with a little help from the snow angel, and that it can continue to be worn and enjoyed until it’s ready to be passed down again.