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Lost Gold Ring Found In Southwest Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

When The Gloves Came Off….

….didn’t mean that Edward was ready for a down n dirty brawl, but rather he had just finished wrestling quite a few large diameter downed branches in the high humidity and temperatures today. When he took his work gloves off and sought the cool shadow of a tree he noticed his new wedding band missing. I turned on my MXT metal detector and started a grid search. As I swept the metal detector coil I observed the tall grass bend under the coil with each swing. The ground contained lots of iron and small pieces of foil. Finally I got a good signal in the range on the MXT meter where the ring should be. I used my pin-pointer to probe the grass and as I pulled some grass out of the way this very nice brushed finish gold ring reflected up at me! As I pointed at the ground and counted to 3, Edward ran fast from his corner of the yard and was thrilled that we succeeded in knocking this problem out. Now he was prepared to continue the upcoming sparring with the remaining branches and yard debris.