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Lost White Gold w/Diamonds Engagement Ring Found In Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


Is what Hailey yelled as she threw the ball for her dogs to chase late Saturday evening. Back in the house she discovered her engagement ring missing. Her and fiancee walked the property this morning thinking it was impaw-ssible to find, barking up the wrong tree. On the phone I said don’t terrier-self up over it, my metal sniffing detector will retrieve it. Early this evening I used one of the turn on and go modes on my MXT metal detector as darkness was upon us. I Mutt-iculously grid searched in the direction of the throws.¬†After a few minutes I got a bark thru the headphones and a meter reading of paw-ssibly where white gold would be. Probing the grass with my pin pointer revealed her beautiful white gold ring with diamonds! I waived for her to come over and pointed to the ground, and she was full of excitement as she lifted it from the grass and said P’awww you found it! You’re pawsome! Amazed and thrilled it was found she isn’t considering an automatic dog ball launcher but rather will continue to form a strong bond with her dogs playing fetch in PAW-idise!