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Lost Gold Ring Found In The Grass In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Corona Gold 2

As we move thru the coronavirus quarantine living this “new normal” many of us have had lots of time to maybe complete something that normally we wouldn’t have time to do. Startup is difficult no matter if we want to or not with all the turbulent and uncertainty of the times we live in.
Amongst the changes in the natural rhythm of our routines, things get lost, including jewelry. Yesterday, the pictured gentleman was doing yard cleanup during the nice weather in the Detroit area. Near dusk he lit a fire to burn some debris up. Afterwards, pulling up a comfy seat to enjoy the warmth he noticed his ring missing. He feared it came off in the firepit but after letting it cool and looking this morning it wasn’t there and didn’t know who to turn to for help. When I was on the way to him, we talked on the phone. I assured him that my good luck charm Nessie and I practiced safe swinging! On arrival, he showed me where he was travelling thru the yard and after ground balancing my MXT to cancel out the iron riddled Detroit soil I started to grid the area. Not one swing was without some sort of trash target but I knew from past hunts his ring should come it at around +50 on the MXT meter, plus a 0 depth. Sure enough, about halfway from the firepit and his debris pile I got a nice solid +52 and 0 depth on the meter! Probing quickly with the Garrett carrot revealed this shiny gold band under some sticks, leaves and grass. Pleased with the find and recovery brought peace of mind and will always bring closure and comfort in a world that sometimes does not.