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Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds found with Dowsing Rod in Perry Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Playing Hard To Get…..

……was the temperament of the ring lost by this pictured woman’s husband. It all started when the snow came down heavy a few days ago as the husband walked over to the propane tank and lifted the cap to put money under it for the propane company driver. The husband realized that night that his ring was missing and remembered pushing snow off the tank. My Ringfinder friend Gregg had already been there when the site was deep snow prior to calling me out to help and could not locate it by metal detecting all of the area where the husband was walking. He even checked under the tank visually to no avail. When I got on site most of the snow had melted and we detected a bit more in different areas she thought the husband may have been. We also took another look under the tank and the detectors kept going off when we got near the tank. I went back to my vehicle and got out my dowsing rod and started to dowse the area to see if an attraction developed while my friend kept ground scanning. Walking with the rod I started to feel a lock in a certain direction towards the propane tank. Next to the tank was a huge pile of debris. I continued to walk around the pile and tank, boxing in the lock lines the dowsing rod indicated and got a definite pull towards the pile. My friend was packing up his gear ready to leave and she was disappointed that nothing had become of 2 of us detecting with nothing to show when suddenly a line of sight revealed this gorgeous white gold RING! just in front of the white board right where the dowsing rod was indicating! When we were visually looking earlier the small white board was blocking our view of the ring. When I yelled to come over here her face lit up with excitement as I pointed towards the pile and said look just past that white board! We concluded that the husband’s ring came off while brushing snow off the tank and slid close to that board in the debris area which my friend and I couldn’t search with standard metal detectors due to the metal tank. So even tho the ring was playing hard to get, it backfired and gave it up to dowsing. It’s now back where it belongs resting comfortably on the finger it was meant for and making the relationship between husband and wife so much better than the typical results of playing hard to get!