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Lost White Gold Ring Found In East Lansing Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Grace Under Pressure……

…..While in the process of moving, mid-term exams and her vehicle breaking down, Grace’s ring came off after she cleaned snow from her car window and accidentally falling down on some ice. Raising herself up off the ice without injury, she went into the house to wind down, not realizing until later her ring was missing. Searching frantically with her friends the next morning brought no luck. She was fueled with energy to find it as this was her first ring she had ever purchased. Determined to remain courageous and regaining her composure, she came across the ringfinders and decided to schedule an appointment. Earlier today she showed me the general area where she fell, and then went back into the house. Using the turn on and go mode on my MXT metal detector I quickly grid searched the area, and about a foot off the back tire of her vehicle, the MXT gave a good signal beneath the snow. Brushing away the snow revealed her one of a kind ring! Walking back into the house I showed it to her and she flew off the couch with excitement and a huge smile. She was thankful that her sentimental ring was back where it belongs and that even tho she was Grace under pressure, she proved that keeping a positive attitude and remaining determined to succeed in stressful situations has it’s rewards.