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Lost White Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring Found in Shelby Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Pigskin, Cleats and Mud!

With a new NFL season in motion this nice gentleman was out in the autumn air in SE Michigan yesterday tossing the football around with a few friends.
While reaching up in the cool air with sweaty hands to grab a long pass his wedding band slipped off. As dusk was upon them they tried to locate it in the partial soft mud left behind from their cleats to no avail. I made arrangements to meet him today as the area was not total private land. I set up my MXT and started to grid the area where the mud grass areas were he thought he was pacing around for a few plays. I got lots of junk signals and then got a +52 mixed with a junk signal. Turning 90 deg. with the bigfoot coil I got the same signal but on each pass I knew I had something good as the sound bled over to that sweet metal song. Pulling the trigger switch showed 0 depth and further pinpointing revealed this sweet chunky white/yellow gold ring with small diamonds peeking out below the grass pushed flat down from the pressure of the cleats!
So even if his favorite team doesn’t get to the superbowl this year, this was HIS championship!