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Lost Platinum Bridal Set Rings Found In Monroe Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

My Hit Turned Double Platinum!

When I got a text from Nicole saying her rings came off somewhere on their large property, we made plans to meet today. She was playing volleyball in the pool and that’s the last time she remembered having the rings on. She was also in the vicinity of the pool performing various chores. They purchased a metal detector and tried to find the rings but no luck. On site today I turned on my MXT metal detector and started to rhythmically search around the pool, lots of hiss and white noise from trash signals came thru on the headphones. Almost completing the loop around the pool I got a great sounding hit in the area where platinum would be on the MXT meter. Using my pinpointer I probed closer to the ground and got a great vibe. Reaching down thru the grass revealed this most beautiful platinum bridal set rings glistening up at me. I held it in the air and flashed a heavy metal sign with my other hand and Nicole raced over to me. Rock n’ Roll we Hi 5 as she reached down and lifted it from the grass and signaled heavy metal back at me while a huge smile was on her face! We both agreed the rings were heavy metal weight wise and even tho I made a double platinum hit with the metal detector, I told her my musical creations will take longer!