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Lost White Gold Ring With Diamonds Found In The Snow in Port Huron Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

It’s Gonna Be A Happy New Year…..

……For the pictured couple who’s ring I found today in the snow. They got engaged on Christmas and were unloading gifts yesterday when the ring came off. I searched the area between the house and car where she thought it slipped off but noting came thru on the MXT meter where a typical ring like this will come up. The next place to look was where the cars were parked, so he moved them and I searched the area and the MXT was sounding off on lots of junk signals and I learned there used to be a garage where the conc. pkng lot is now. Carefully gridding from different directions and a +8 came up with a good hard signal, brushing away the snow revealed this gorgeous specimen that had been been driven over and had we not moved the car would not have found it! I mentioned to them to take the ring where they got it and check that the diamonds had not loosened up due to the impact of driving on it. They were so thrilled and it made the new year even better and something to look back on when they wed in September 2018!