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Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds Found In The Sand In Harrison Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Sandy Toes!

The pictured couple was at a family reunion and the group decided to play some intense beach volleyball. During the jumps, flying sand and close net action her ring came off in the sand. She didn’t realize it till they were done but remembered which of the 2 nets they were at when the ring came off. Lots of people tried to help them look but with no luck yesterday so I met them today and did a grid search and just in front of the net and about halfway the width I got a nice signal 3″ deep.
Probing with the pin-pointer I got a vibe and a nice clunk of metal beneath the sand. Reaching down into the sugary grains revealed this gorgeous specimen! The husband’s back was to me and I had the ring between my fingers in the air as he turned and said I can’t believe it! We looked for hours!
They both came running across the volleyball court barefoot and with sandy toes…….. jumped with excitement!