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Lost Platinum Diamond Stud Earring Found in The Grass in St Clair Shores MI

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

What’s All The BUZZ About?

I talked briefly this morning with this attractive young lady but our phone connection was bad all I got was she was out in the yard catching up with her friend and sunning herself when a bee kept buzzing around her and a piece of jewelry was lost. I texted for the address and a time we could meet. When I got there I asked what’s all the buzz about? That got her to smile.
While swatting at the bee she clipped her ear and out came one of her earrings that she received for Christmas last year.
Getting a read from the matching one I now had the info I needed. Searching carefully there were similar items below ground that came in at the same or approx. numbers as the earring. Closing in on the available search area we looked at each other and without words we all could sense the tension in the air wondering if the earring would be found. I moved the metal chair out of the detector’s way and I got a very solid signal. Reaching down into the grass revealed this beautiful platinum and diamond stud earring! I waved them over and I pointed where it was. She leaned over, pulled it from the grass and exclaimed ….you found it! Lots of exclamations of excitement, high fives and dancing in place followed!
Upon leaving I said this is my kind of buzz, save the gossip for the bees.