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Lost Diamond Wedding Band Colchester CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Lost diamond wedding band… Found! I was referred to Sandra by another happy ring owner from one of my 2018 searches. Sandra lost three rings in her yard and was only able two. I searched the area where the other lost rings were found a few days prior – no luck. I expanded the search for the lost ring beyond where Sandra and her family spent a night searching on their hands and knees. Found it hiding a small patch of green grass! Another owner reunited with her very sentimental possession! As always, it was a pleasure to help!

Here’s what Sandra had to say about her experience working with me:“So I lost my wedding band last weekend and I was referred to Keith Wille to find it. He is a professional treasure hunter and although I had my doubts and fears he found my ring this morning! Very professional and very friendly n kind n courteous. I recommend him to anybody who has lost a valued piece of property! Thank you so much Keith it was a pleasure meeting you!”

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Lost Wedding Band Colchester CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Taking care of some yard work a gentleman realized his USMC ring and wedding band were both missing. After a scour of the yard, the family was able to locate one of the lost rings in the grass. In an effort to find the remaining lost ring, they borrowed a metal detector from a local hobbyist. After no luck with their search due to the electrical interference from the power lines above their yard, the family came across my profile on The Ring Finders. Only a few minutes after arriving, I came across the lost wedding band hiding deep in the grass. Another lost ring reunited with its owner!

“11 days ago Rich Smith lost his wedding band in our front yard. We looked and looked, I had someone in town come over, I borrowed a metal detector (thanks Mike), and we were starting to lose hope. But lucky for Rich, I don’t ever give up.

I came across Keith Wille on the internet, and he came over yesterday. He was able to locate the ring literally in 10 mins. If you’ve ever lost anything, and think it’s gone forever- it’s not! He’s your guy to find it. We are forever grateful, and this is why you don’t ever give up! Thanks, Keith!! 

– Sarena Maulucci

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