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Lost White Gold Ring w/ Diamonds Found in the Snow in Beverly Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Ring-ing in the New Year……..

….can be a very joyous time and a very stressful one too!, as what happened to this couple last night.
He called me this morning saying he just bought this very pretty white gold and diamond ring for his significant other and when they were pulling into the driveway early new years day and got into the house it was missing and must have slipped off her finger somewhere in front of the house.
When I got on site I set up my MXT and searched the area which contained bushes and some kind of plant stalks as landscape. There was also a few snow piles around the search area as well. I didn’t find anything in the yard or neighbors yard so my intuition told me to walk the path the way they came from in the car so I walked out into the street and across the road was the ring sitting in a snow pile in plain view! I grabbed it up and asked her if it was hers and she screamed with excitement remembering having rolled down the window to adjust the side view mirror and that’s where it must have came off hitting the pavement and rolling into the snow!
Sorry for the blurry pics.
They were very pleased that I recovered it with no damage and were very thankful for the wonderful start to 2017!