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Lost Gold Ring Found On Volleyball Court In Auburn Hills Michigan

Volleyball Couple Scores Big Time!

The pictured couple was at their company volleyball tournament and Husband noticed his ring was a bit loose so he put it in his shorts.
They were giving it their best performance and as they rotated around the court, taking net shots, backwards volleys and falling to the ground they just had a few more points to take the championship. As dusk was upon them the last volley soared over the net and never made it back over..hitting their opponents sand. They got their win! It wasn’t till they got home he checked his pocket and no ring. When I talked with him yesterday they were totally devastated as the ring had been passed down from a few family members and the loss of it weighed heavy on his mind, the volleyball win not seeming as important as it was a few hours earlier. We agreed to meet today and I didn’t know he had it in his pocket during the game as I thought it flew off his finger. So this made the search area smaller as he was only on one side. It took just a few min with the MXT to get a solid signal. I was looking for something a bit deeper than surface due to the ring being trampled during the game and I got a solid signal with a depth of 3″ and since there was no junk metal I knew this was the signal I was looking for and probing down this very unique ring revealed itself through the grains of sand! Now the couple had their gorgeous ring and winning smiles back….. along with a championship to cherish together!