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Lost Keys In The Snow Found In Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

College Cutie Gets Her Ride Back!!

This pretty, young lady awoke today only to find out she lost her car and work keys Friday night after she got home in the snowmageddon here in SE Michigan. She needed to go to class and work today and by time I responded to her there was only a few hours till she had to be there. When I got to the site we talked about where she parked and walked towards her apartment. I noticed the plows and maintenance people had moved lots of snow and there were huge, deep, hard ice packed snow mounds in the area where she was. We both discussed the possibility that a plow had snagged them and moved them who knows how far from where they were dropped! I got my MXT set up and started a grid search.
I checked a wide area in the street only to find nothing. We talked a bit more and she thought she maybe cut across the front yard to get into her apt quicker in the snow so I had a vibe and decided to check the area where I saw her footprints in the snow. Being that keys give a mixed signal I had to go on the MXT depth indicator to feel I was on target. Cutting thru the snow with my bigfoot coil I got a mixed iron/non ferrous signal at 0 inch depth and kicking the snow aside revealed her keys! I yelled over to her as she was levelling the snowdrifts in the street and texting her boss saying she had lost the office keys!
She couldn’t believe that I had found them and was so very excited that she could continue her daily routine despite the elements and losing the keys! She didn’t end up texting him after all but decided to tell him that she was able to find them with the help of a metal detectorist!