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Lost Gold Earring In The Grass Found In Harrison Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Mom’s Gift!

The pictured lady was in a real jam last night when she got home. Getting out of the car she flipped her workbag over from one shoulder to the other, knocking her gold earring off. The earrings were a gift from her mom and custom made while they were on an overseas vacation…. virtually irreplaceable. She realized it was missing as she was taking them off before bed. Frantically searching the vehicle in the dark revealed nothing. I chatted with her this morning and it sounded very strongly that the earring went into the grass. When I got there I took a read off the matching one and got a real low number on the MXT and orienting the ring to replicate how it may be sitting in the grass gave me different numbers. So I memorized them and started a grid search. In just a few minutes I got a similar read and pinpointed the signal with my Garrett carrot. Feeling around thru the thick grass and yard lettuce revealed the golden matching earring that meant the world to her! Now they will shine together again, sweet flowers of love….Mom’s Gift!