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Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Surf at Santa Monica Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

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***** Emil and his family had been at Santa Monica Beach in Southern California. The beach had been closed for a couple month and many people were taking advantage of getting out of the house after staying at home for such a long time. After returning home he realized that his Gold and Diamond ring was missing. He assumed the ring was lost at the beach. 

Emil’s family were set up on the dry sand near the waters edge. They didn’t go swimming but did have some active playing in knee deep surf. These were places the ring could be hiding. Emil was able to find me while he was researching how to find a ring in the sand on a google search. He called me early the next morning. We met on Santa Monica Beach just north of the pier. A very heavily searched area by metal detector enthusiasts and raked daily by the beach maintenance personnel.

Emil was confident that he found the location they had been sitting the day before. I set up my equipment a began my grid search. Starting with the dry sand I could see evidence that this area had been search by other detectorists. I continued my scan of the area just as if no body
had detected it at all. After finding a few coins I had hopes that the persons that had been here before were not very thorough. We still had a chance to find the ring if it was lost here yesterday evening.

After finishing the dry sand, I started a grid on the damp sand. It was low tide so I wouldn’t have to go as far as the water level. Five grid lines down the wet sand slope I got a great signal. Two scoops down “Bingo” Emil’s 22k gold and diamond ring was in my scoop. I was very surprised, because I had only asked him if it was yellow or white gold. I had no idea it had so many sparkly diamonds. It was a bright sunny morning and that helped to just make that 22k gold with diamonds pop.

It was a great day and they kept saying “I can’t believe it” over and over.

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Lost Wedding Ring Set at San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, CA.

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***  After weeks of beach closures Ali’s family organized a family beach party at San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente  CA. While there Ali’s white gold diamond wedding ring set slipped off her finger into dry sand. Six or eight of their party attempted to find the rings. They did find the main ring but the enhancement ring could not be found.

Ali’s mother, Ester got into internet search mode, looking for metal detector services. She contacted a member of TheRingFinders who referred me to her. I left right away and was at San Onofre State Beach in a little more than a half hour. The beach had a limited entry quota and I got in a huge lineup up of surfer’s cars waiting their turn to enter the beach. ( possibly a 2 hour wait)

Ester saved the day by arranging with park officials to pick me up at the gate with her vehicle, saving a long waiting time. I loaded up my detector and scoop and we were at the location of the loss within minutes. Ali explained what happened and her husband Max told me it was a silver ring (wrong). It turned out to be white gold after I found it with less than a dozen swings of my detector search coil. The whole family group witnessed the quick recovery. They were amazed at how easy it was to find the ring after so many of them tried to search the small spot where the rings were dropped.

Ali and Max were excited and grateful to have their wedding rings back where they belong. The real hero was Ester , Ali’s mother, who found my contact information calling me and arranging for my entry passed the long line of surfers waiting to get into the crowded beach.


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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in a Laguna Beach House.. Found in Sofa

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***  Darin’s fiancé lost her diamond engagement ring in their Laguna Beach house. She last remembered setting it on the table next to her laptop computer while she types.  Darin made the call asking for assistance. I said, I would need to be able to talk to his fiancé when I get to the home.

We met shortly after the phone call. Calle showed me the table where she uses her computer. She was sure that the ring was on the table the last she remembered. I asked if it was loose fitting and if she had left the house. Also, when did she realize the ring was missing. 

Often rings left on tables, counters, etc. get knocked off into drawers, shoes, anything that maybe on the floor. Sometimes that box, piece of clothing, etc. may get moved to another location or kicked under the stove / refrigerator. Calle did say the ring was loose needing to be resized. That could mean it could have fallen of when putting things in boxes, drawers or trash.

She was in the car when realizing that her ring was missing. We eliminated the car then went through the trash. Even taking a few seconds to passing my pinpointer over their dog’s stomach. Most the in house search was done using the handheld pinpointer detector. There were no places for the ring to hide near the computer table.  We finally located the beautiful diamond engagement ring in a fold of the sofa that drapes down the front of the sofa.

It had been torn loose by the dog and Calle often tucks it in place. She was embarrassed that she hadn’t remembered that action. 

I was glad for the ring was found because the next place to search was a two block area street search where Calle had walked the dog. Darin and Calle were very happy and surprised to have the original symbol of a special day in their lives back where it belongs. It was an honor and a pleasure to help them.


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