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Lost Gold Earring Found In Southfield Michigan

Flipped Out…..

……Is how gymnast Tessa reacted after getting home and discovering one of her sentimental earrings came off after a practice session with her friend at a city park. She pondered if she would ever see the earring again. After she did a layout and an arched body position, flexibility was achieved and what started off as a few pirouettes escalated into Olympic order competition. Cutting to the chase, Tessa executed a handspring, followed with a twist, flip and a flic-flac then reversing directions to the starting point. Moving to another location in the park with less area she repeated the routine. On site I got a read off the other earring and checked the first location as that was where she felt the earring came off. No luck. Moving to the second location my metal detector signaled with a matching meter read. Reaching down into the grass revealed her gold earring! I said hey Tessa look here! As I pointed, she reached down and lifted her earring from the tangled grass. Completely speechless she was and couldn’t believe that it was there. Even tho the Olympics are within reach, for now this is how she has fun doing what she does and achieving personal success.