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Lost White Gold Ring w/ Peridot Setting Found in Wyandotte Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

From Quarrels to Smiles!

Got a call from Kiera. My first call as a Ringfinder. Not knowing what really happened I approached the assignment determined to do the best job I could. On site she said during a heated discussion her engagement ring flew out a window. She thought she heard the ring hitting the concrete and/or the metal fence along her driveway. She had rented a detector but didn’t find it. We searched her driveway area, and nothing came up. We decided to check further into the neighbor’s yard on the trajectory I thought it may have been on. Ring was found 40 feet from her window in the neighbor’s driveway. So, it did hit the concrete…..just in the neighbors yard behind the car in pic.

She was very happy and words can’t describe how much I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, meeting new people and the feelings you get from the find and the owners excitement!