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Lost White Gold and Diamond Ring Found in Riverview Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

One Too Many Dribbles….

…..Caused this nice young man to take a time out after his white gold and diamond ring came off while doing some 1 on 1 on a half court today. I answered his call and upon arriving on site he said he looked all over the place. So I set up my MXT and searched the grass areas surrounding the practice area and didn’t come up with anything. I also checked a plugged catch basin that was in proximity to no avail. So I looked around and noticed some mulch and hedges off to one side at an apartment unit. So I checked under and around with no luck. So we took a break to rethink where else could it be and it hit me to shake the tops of the hedges and as I did I looked under and in the mulch this beautiful ring was laying in plain sight right where I had checked earlier. So the ring was stuck in the hedge the whole time! lol I scooped it up and walked over and dropped it in his hand and he about lost it with excitement as he has only been married a year and thought the ring was gone. As we talked a bit he had said he was thinking about getting a detector somewhere but I told him all he needed was a professional bush shaker!