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Lost White Gold Ring Found In The Snow In Birmingham Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Picture PAWfect!

Got a call from Mike last night who said his ring came off while grooming his dog.

They did a brief paw patrol but to no avail.

When I got on site today I learned that he had a grooming glove on and while removing it to flick the hair off, his ring flew off into the snow. I set up my MXT and started to grid search as he wasn’t quite sure which direction he thought it could be. Watching from behind the paw and wet nose smeared patio glass entrance was the dog with tail wagging excitedly wanting to join us. Scanning over the snow about 20′ from where he was I got a good, solid signal in a 4″ deep pile of snow over concrete. Using my pinpointer I probed into the pile and while scanning back and forth I felt the pinpointer make contact with an object. Brushing the snow aside revealed this very nice white gold ring shining back at me in the sunlight! I said hey Mike come take a look here and looking down on the snow, reaching down he scooped it up with excitement and was quite thrilled that it hadn’t flown further. Releasing the hound we watched as he excitedly zig zagged around us and the only way to calm him down was to pose for some puptacular pics!