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Lost Silver and Turquoise Ring Found In Southwest Detroit

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Penelope’s Great Aunt-Venture

When Penelope got home last night after leaving her friends house she noticed her ring was missing. It was part of a collection her great Aunt had passed down through the family and only hoped it could be found.

On site today we followed the path she walked home. Checking the hard surface areas revealed nothing so I turned on my MXT and walked the path thru some grassy vacant lots she took as a short cut home. Towards the end I got a nice signal in the grass. Pinpointing the target then reaching into the grass revealed this very thin band, unique silver and turquoise adjustable ring! She came over to see and was thrilled that it was here and not out on the pavement, and that she can return it to her great Aunt’s collection.