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Lost White Gold Wedding Set (3) Ring with Diamonds Found in The Snow in St. Clair Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Fowl Play


While tending to the chickens and running errands during the wet snowy weather in the Detroit area this past week, this pictured lady’s ring came off. Quite eggsqusite it was and they had taken a lot from their nest egg to buy it.
They decided to wing it and searched around the cluck hoping to bring the ring back from eggs-isle. By fryday their henthusiasm turned to brooding and ruffling of feathers. Finding it seemed as scarce as hens teeth. Feeling mislaid, thinking this isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and that the ring flew the coop, they decided to take it to the nest level, hatched a new idea and said cluck it, let’s reach out to someone with more eggspertise. We decided to meet today at 8 o’cluck and when I got there it didn’t seem that anybroody was around. Circling around the back the couple appeared. They thought it was an eggselent idea to eggsplore the hentrance of the coop and henhouse where she felt it slipped off and the brood scrambled it, but my MXT squawked over targets that were less than chicken feed. I said eggscuse me?… as they crowed I was a bit cuckoo when I eggsclaimed let’s look at the big peckture and search the perimeter of the coop. Searching the 3 sides and closing in on the end of the 4th, anticipating fowl language with nothing to crow about, the MXT gave out a roosting call that really layed it on the line. In one fell swoop into the snow with my Garrett carrot we exclaimed mother clucker there it is!! as it revealed this nested, gorgeous white gold wedding set (3) ring at the same time the hens cried fowl, letting out broody growls and cackles scolding us for tempting them with that carrot and blaming them for losing the ring. The couple was eggstremely happy the ring came home to roost. Lastly, suggesting it would crack me up to see them do the funky chicken they said it would be hentertaining to do so, and it was….. poultry in motion!