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Lost Gold with Diamond Engagement Ring in House Found in Inkster Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

It All Came Out In The Wash…….

……A few days ago Don’s fiancee needed a short rest from the children so she sat on the couch. Not planning to fall asleep she did anyway but before she did she took her ring off and placed it on the table next to the couch. Upon waking, she noticed her ring missing. Since there was a toddler in the house their suspicion was cast in that direction. There also were thoughts that the ring came off outside. Using every fiber of their being they looked but to no avail. Feeling as though they went thru the spin cycle they were thinking of throwing in the towel as they didn’t want to air their dirty laundry to the wrong person. As their enthusiasm began to shrink further, they eventually folded and called me. I said I’d give it a spin, it sounds like loads of fun. I searched the outside with no results then went inside. I checked the area where the ring was last seen with no results. Sockrificing other parts of the house and suggesting we move to where the laundry was handled is where we watched it all unfold. Probing thru the clean basket with my pin pointer I kept getting signals from zippers/buttons but as we continued pulling stuff out the gold ring revealed itself! I said I got it! I sheet you not! As Don excitedly looked at it he said this definitely took a load off their minds! We concluded the toddler put the ring in the dirty clothes basket and somehow it made it all the way into the clean. I said the tides have turned! Washing dirty things never felt so good, and she’ll be thrilled when she gets home! You were maid for each other and this is a start of a whole new era!