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Lost Gold Ring In The Grass Found In Novi Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Tan Lines Optional

The pictured young beauty was out tanning yesterday and after slathering up the suntan lotion her ring came off in between trips to her apartment getting cold drinks for the guests. They didn’t realize it was missing until dark, so they combed the grass and searched thru towels and what not to no avail. When I talked with her we agreed to meet today and search the area. The grass was long so I started to search the path she remembered taking into the apartment.
After about 10 min I got a nice solid signal in the ring range on the MXT meter reading about 2″ deep. Pin pointing thru the grass revealed this little beauty with a golden tan all it’s own! She was thrilled that her golden ring was found and enjoyed posing for some pics. Now she can relax, and catch some more rays! Even tho she knows the look of tan lines are hard to pull off, her ring will stay on!