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Lost Titanium Ring Found With Dowsing Rod On Belle Isle Park Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Third Time’s A Charm!

This pictured gentleman had his titanium wedding ring slip off back on Memorial day. I returned his call and he texted me a pic of the area where he thought they were. The area was roughly a football field size. I headed out on my own shortly after and did a quick check with my MXT in the most likely area. Did not come up with anything but lots of trash and trash masking more trash.
Since I didn’t have a target I.D. for titanium I went to my friend’s jewelry store and he happily provided some samples of titanium rings in the approximate size of the lost one. So now I knew what to look for on the MXT meter and ignore everything else. At home that night I also started to photo dowse the image and got a repeatable signal in a certain area as indicated by the 2 arrows pointing towards each other as well as the dashed line indicating the titanium ring’s fundamental ray and opposite ray. That’s a given that the ring was there.
So I went out a second time and met the man who lost the ring and we walked the area for as long as he could stay. I didn’t have my dowsing rod with me as this was a short notice meet with him. Did not search the photo dowsed area at this time as there were people sitting out picknicking, frisbee and what not and didn’t want to draw attention to a certain area. So a third visit today turned out productive. When I got on site, I went thru my usual dowsing procedure going off the photo dowse and got an area intersected where to metal detect. Still a large area but when the MXT signaled +18 I knew I got it! It was fairly close to where the red x is on the photo where this beautiful ring was hiding just below the grass, in fact I saw half of it peeking thru the grass I’m surprised no one saw it and picked it up. It was in the shade of a tree but had it been in the sun someone for sure would have saw the glint from the sun off it and grabbed it. So I immediately texted him with excitement and he wanted to meet today to get it back. He first tho had to cancel the order he had placed for a new one! So I learned something today I already knew but since I havn’t gotten “skunked” like this in awhile, that is don’t give up on finding things out there, keep at it, persist and you will succeed even if your third time isn’t a charm!