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Lost Keys Found In The Snow In Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Safe And Secure…..Again!


This pictured gentleman’s keys fell out of his pocket while operating a snow blower to clear the 6″ to 7″ snow that dropped in on the metro Detroit area Saturday afternoon. After a few passes in the backyard driveway he heard what he thought were sticks or something banging thru the machine. It wasn’t until he finished when he reached for his keys and they were gone. Now he was stranded and locked out as his wife was out of town. Before I got to the site today he managed to find the square portion of the car set on top of the snow in the neighbors yard. When I arrived I learned that there was a black vehicle key and his house keys still missing. Searching the drive area where he first heard the sounds in the machine my MXT said overload! and reaching down under the thin layer of snow produced the house keys and badly bent metal ring! Moving next in the trajectory where the square piece was on the snow took us into the yard next door. I knew from past searches for this type of key it produces a foil signal and a negative number on the meter depending on the key’s orientation. As my bigfoot coil sliced thru the sparkly layers of snow I got a foil/negative read about 4″ deep, cutting a deeper slice I pinpointed the key tipped slightly vertical in the snow and reaching into the snow produced the black car key! He said he was just about ready to jump up and down to warm up and as I held it up I said well this is a good reason too!
He was so thrilled that the keys were found, bringing that great feeling back to him that he and his family will be safe and secure again!

Lost Gold Ring Found In Grosse Pointe Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Honoring Thy Father and Mother…..

…Should not mean losing your jewelry but that was not the case for this nice gentleman who was helping his elderly folks on Thanksgiving day tidying up the yard a bit before dinner. We made plans to meet this morning and on the phone he explained they didn’t know for sure where in the yard it may be and they had bagged 3 bags of leaves. I arrived on site and scanned all 3 bags getting no signal. Then I just started gridding the yard and bam! a clear +42 came thru on my MXT meter with 0 depth and I knew I had it! Probing through the grass revealed this golden beauty shining up at us from the sun’s reflection!
He was elated as he came a long distance to meet me and it made his and the family’s Thanksgiving more memorable!