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Lost Gold Ring Found In Flint Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Return To Sender……

…..Got a call from Terry, a postman who said his ring fell off somewhere on his route. I told him I was certified, insured and offered special handling along with same day deliver of the lost item. Sensing the priority, I airmailed myself to the ZIP code in question. Arriving at the curbside I turned on my MXT metal detector and began tracking the lost item. Scanning his mail bag and cart revealed nothing. Developing a sort plan, we decided to begin at an address block and start the clock. Scanning the curb strips and grass areas covered quite a few homes. Nearing the end of the route the tracking number came in on the call window of my tracker and revealed a match. Reaching down in the grass revealed Terry’s lost ring!¬†With delivery confirmation confirmed, Terry was thrilled with the handback service and that a change of address wasn’t needed. A picture for the post card followed.