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Lost White Gold Ring Found In Chesterfield Township Michigan

A Widows Tale….

…..It had been only 6 weeks since Dottie’s husband of 40 years passed away when his ring she wore in remembrance fell off her finger in the yard doing landscaping. When he was alive it had come off a few times but they were always able to locate it. She thought the ring was either silver or white gold. She borrowed a toy type metal detector and it only augmented the frustration of the massive amount of signals coming in with no way of interpretation. On site she showed me the areas she was where she felt it came off. She went into the house to tend to a few chores thinking I may be awhile. Setting up my MXT metal detector for turn on and go made short work of the loss despite the huge amount of iron signals coming thru. Just a few feet away from the flower beds I got a white gold signal that overloaded the detector sensors! Scraping aside a little dirt and grass revealed the missing ring! As she peeked out the back door I waved for her to come out. Bewildered at what I was pointing at she stooped down for a closer look and couldn’t believe that it was found! Seeing Dottie reach down to pick up the ring and the expression on her face was priceless. Providing closure for her was a great feeling as now she can continue her grieving process in her own way, knowing the ring is where she needs it to be.

James 1:27: Pure and undefiled belief is this, help widows in distress and keep oneself truthful in your actions.