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Lost Gold Ring w/Opal and Diamonds Found In Dexter Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Good Grief!

Lauren and her husband tied the knot last month. Enjoying the beautiful fall colors during an outside photo session her ring fell off. The ring was a very sentimental one that her late father gave her mom when Lauren was born, and now was being passed on to Lauren. There were multiple locations at the facility that they walked visiting the guests. Some terrain was cut grass and some was thick grass. She and mom were devastated and thought it may not be possible to find it. On site I set up my MXT and began a grid search. I got some similar signals to where I thought the ring would be on the meter, but the depth reading revealed these targets were well below the surface. Closing in on the area that covered the area in question I got a nice mellow signal within an inch or so deep and about 1 foot from the edge of the cut grass my pin pointer buzzed. Prying the thick grass apart revealed this very stunning gold ring with a fiery opal and diamonds twinkling in the sun! I was holding it up and with their backs turned to me they turned to see what was happening. They both came running and as she held the ring emotions were high. During the excitement an employee came out to present a nice bottle of champagne from their reception! A celebration was underway along with texting mom to share the great news! All was happy that closure was made and that dad’s legacy can continue for years to come!