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Lost Dental Post Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Tooth Fairy’s Outta Luck Today!

My most unusual request has to be this so far. The pictured gentleman was on his phone and when he sneezed his tooth came out. After talking with him he mentioned how much it would cost to have it replaced and was worried that someone may find it. I said even the tooth fairy couldn’t make the exchange on that and I for sure will give the tooth back should I find it cos’ it’s not something I ever wanted in my collection! That got him laughing and more at ease. I knew I would be looking for a mid range number cos’ of the metal composition and it was very small. Also the shape of it resembled an earring post. When I got on site it was full of gravel and after about 10 min of searching the detector signaled a solid +38 and after removing a large stone there the tooth was! He was super thrilled and couldn’t believe it could be found and now he can avoid the replacement.
So no matter what someone asks you to help them find, do your best to be the reason you made someone’s smile better!