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Lost Platinum Diamond Stud Earring Found In Bloomfield Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Stooopid Cupid….

…..Often gets it wrong and when he does it’s painful, but when he’s right, it’s pure bliss. Why he was firing at Heather on a snowy Valentine’s day is unknown, but it knocked one of her earring’s off that was a surprise gift from her husband. Now… Heather’s been hit by Cupid before as she is madly in love with her husband, so she wondered was Cupid blindfolded? If so, was he implying love is blind? Hmmm….or was he desiring a new metal for his arrows? How could something like this happen when this special day is supposed to be all about love? Feeling as tho she’d been shot thru the heart with the loss, she reached out to me for help. When she explained what happened I said Well, that’s what happens when you give a baby a bow and arrow. Laughing a bit helped ease her stress. I explained that I brought my own bow and arrow in the form of a powerful metal detector that emits invisible lightning bolts that locates lost metal thousands of times faster than any of Cupid’s arrows can travel. As she rolled her eyes with a smile she pointed out the search area then went in the house to get us some coffee. I started the grid search and within a few minutes under a patch of ice I got a signal on the metal detector’s meter that was a match to her other earring. Cutting around the spot carefully with my pocket knife exposed the diamond part of the earring! I texted her that I would like her to come outside. As I pointed down she saw the earring, blinked a few times in disbelief, putting her hands to her face joyfully exclaimed her excitement that it was found! Holding the earring definitely warmed up her hands and heart, bringing the couple’s love for each other even closer to their hearts. In a final move Heather held the earring to the sky and said Cupid you lose and you are not getting your arrow back….Roses are red, violet’s are blue, finding a ringfinder made my dreams come true!