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Lost Gold Ring Found In Yard In Detroit Michigan

From Father To Son….

…..Is quite an often spoken phrase most of us have heard perhaps at family gatherings. More commonly it’s referred to a particular trait, habit or skill that the younger man has naturally developed from the elder person. No doubt that the pictured gentleman has acquired much knowledge and skills from his father, but this story is quite the opposite. Something very sentimental to him was lost a few days ago.
Going back 30 years, shortly after his father’s passing he received his ring. Quite stunned and thankful when presented with it, for a few moments memories of the ring came to mind, memories of him, his dad and the ring his Dad was so proud of always being a part of what they did together from a single age all the way to manhood such as fishing, playing cards, catching a football, working on a car, and theatrical gesturing while socializing with friends and family. Now in the past 30 years the ring has become a huge part of his life, work and family in the same way as his dad cherished it.
As the COVID-19 virus restrictions are being lifted, many people are hurrying going about tasks to catch up on lost time. Somewhere in the yard while gardening the family ring slipped off. When I got on site I set up my MXT and ran a grid pattern. He and his wife thought the ring was sterling silver so I was looking for a high meter signal but would check all signals that sounded solid. No high read signals came thru but as I swept over some high foliage I got an all so familiar gold signal. Brushing the new mulch aside revealed this very handsome white gold ring!
His back was to me so I signaled to the wife that I got it. I said to him hey how’d this big chunk of metal get here, it’s interfering with the detector and has to go. He spun around and angrily marched over, looking down to pull it up he realized it was his ring! Lifting it from the earth he held it to the sky and said thank you! to his Dad looking down upon us. Happy with the ring back, and it’s gold!, he’s anticipating a wonderful Father’s day and a new story to share with his children and grandchildren for years to come.