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Lost White Gold Ring Found In Canton Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Bagged It!

This nice gentleman was out raking and bagging leaves in the balmy temperatures yesterday when his ring came off. Borrowing a toy type detector he searched the small area of grass where he thought it was to no avail. On site it was indeed a small area. Setting up my MXT metal detector and scanning only took about 3 minutes and along with checking the mulch beds produced no ring. I asked how many bags of leaves did he fill, he said two and most came from the backyard. Scanning all the sides of each bag the detector whispered the ring is in this one. I said it’s in this bag, he said we searched the bags and didn’t find anything. As I tipped the bag to start emptying it I heard the lovely tone of a gold ring on concrete! He reached down in amazement, picked up his ring and holding it up he said I bagged it! I said yes lol I’m glad you bagged it and my detector and I are happy to have bagged it too!