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Lost White Gold Bridal Set Rings w/Diamonds Found In Tecumseh Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Roadside Assistance…..

……Came twice for Kristen. After dark on a rainy evening a few days ago she hit a pothole flattening her tire while leaving a family gathering. Assisting the person changing the tire, she was in and out of her vehicle. Back on the road and safely at home she noticed her rings were missing. Her and husband returned in the dark to search only finding themselves at a dead end. Fearing there was no outlet on this rough road we chatted for a few and agreed to proceed with caution this morning and search the area where she remembered being.

Turning on my MXT I quickly started a grid pattern up and down the side of the road, yielding but not being detoured by a few junk items below the frosty grass surface, up went the metal detectors discrimination with the attitude it’s my way or the highway. After 20 minutes or so I was closing in on the area in question and not far off the road I got a nice solid signal over a compressed section of grass where a vehicle was parked or where one drove off the road. Pinpointing the spot I pulled up the squashed grass and discovered Kristen’s gorgeous, 2 soldered rings pressed into the ground. Calling her over she reached down and lifted it out. I quickly checked for any damage with my jeweler’s loupe and saw none. She hit the road again and with the kids at play was totally thrilled that her ring was rescued and relieved that this incident passed with care.