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Cleaning Eavestrough in haste and late Fathers Heirloom Ring goes Flying Off~Rockwood, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
  • Received a phone call at work from Ron from¬†Rockwood, Ontario. A fellow “Ring Finders” member and recommended me because I was close proximity to his location. Ron enquired if I was available to help find his Father’s beloved ring he has worn for 30 years.

I arrived at his beautiful home coming through the most amazing tree covered lengthly driveway. Amen for my 4×4 for some rugged terrain! Ron briefed me that he was high up on his ladder cleaning out the pine needles and debris from his eavestrough while throwing down the debris his beloved Father’s massive ring flew off his finger. He searched for some time with no luck in locating it.

I started detecting from the top of the hill down and around the back of the home. On my way back on my 2nd pass….it was glaring at me between some leaves. Sure couldn’t miss that monster ring!! What a beautiful and very unique ring!! Biggest ring I have ever had the pleasure to recover & return. MASSIVE!!

What a nice Chap. As well, Ron gave a generous donation to my February snowmobile ride in support of the “Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation”…financial assistance for men & woman fighting breast cancer!! “PAYING IT FORWARD” R-O-C-K-S!!

The drive in & out under the trees was spectacular…felt regal almost!

Sept 2016