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Joy,happiness and a returned diamond engagement ring during Covid chaos in Media, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Kelsey found me in the online directory and contacted me to see if I could help her locate her beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring. Her and her fiancee, Sasha’s, wedding plans are on hold due to this Covid chaos but they are so happy and looking forward to their future together. Understandably, Kelsey was quite upset about her lost ring. She had been beating a dirty mat over the edge of a 2nd story deck of her home when she felt her ring slip off and fall into a large flower bed underneath the deck. She spent several hours digging through the leaves and dirt before contacting me. When I arrived she walked through exactly what ¬†happened by re-enacting the incident. The area where lost¬†was a small area but overgrown with healthy rhododendron bushes and lots of leaves. As I always do…I demonstrated how my equipment works to both of them so they could have confidence in my competence and provide some optimism. I spent about 10-15 minutes working the area right below where she was standing on the deck as they stood behind me(social distance!) watching. After a few false signals due to trash and nails I got a good “gold” signal on my machine….my pinpointer zeroed right in on the lost ring. I live for the rush of watching the overwhelming joy and relief on the face of the people I am able to return rings to. Kelsey was no exception…I was so happy to reunite her with her ring and bring joy to her in this time of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.