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Wedding band lost twice, found twice. Yarmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

(June 14) The Vacationing wedding band has found its way back to its owner for the second time. Twelve years ago, Jim felt his wedding band slip from his finger into the depths of a Maine lake. Then a year later Jim was snorkeling in the area where the loss occurred and to his luck the sun was shining just right and reveled a sparkle from his ring that was just sitting on top of rock some 6 feet below the surface. Jim did a shallow dive and retrieved the ring and replaced it on his finger.

All was well until last year while vacationing on Cape Cod. With the excitement of a quick dip in Nantucket Sound Jim forgot to leave his ring on shore, safe with his wife, until his return. You guessed it…the ring once again took a vacation from Jim’s finger. Eleven months later I was enjoying a late spring afternoon of detecting when I happened upon the ring in waist deep water. With only a name and date I had little hope of finding its owner. Six weeks later I was in the same area detecting with little success of finding even a single coin when a strong signal was heard. The target turned out to be a Parrot drone. As I put the drone in my pouch, I was approached by Jim who had the usual question…Find anything? I showed him the drone and then he told me of losing his wedding band last year. His description said it was engraved with his wife’s name Karen. That rang a bell and I told him I just might have the ring at home and I would search my finds and call him back that night.

I was running a bit late for dinner…it was ready just as I walked into my home. I ate dinner, had a cup of coffee and nodded off to sleep. I woke with a startle; I had not looked for the ring or called Jim. Three minutes later I had the ring in my hand and dialed Jim. Unbelievable, the way things happen at times. Jim and I set a time to meet and for me to return his wedding band. The meeting turned into a luncheon with a great conversation on detecting and life experiences.

This was about the end of the story with smiles and happiness all around. Our last thoughts were about the drone not knowing that I would find the owner and return it the next day.