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Engagement ring recovered in Green Bay snow.

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

In early January, I received a message about a lost engagement ring from Emma, who was playing in the snow at night at her future mother-in-law’s home, and it slipped off somewhere in the yard next to the driveay .   They had shoveled the snow aside the next day and looked carefully, but could not find it.     I brought my trusty Garrett AT Pro, but decided to teach Emma how to use an analog Tesoro Umax, and perhaps recruit another potential metal detectorist to the hobby!   Sure enough, after a few surface coins popped out, she found a clear “ringy” signal.  I brushed away the snow, and revealed a beautiful emerald and gold ring that took my breath away.    I could see why she was concerned!   Her beautiful ring was back on her finger and she and her fiancé were relieved.